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 मन की मुराद पूरी करनें वाली माता चन्द्रिका देवी की जय हो
Chandrika Devi Temple is situated on the bank of river Gomti  at north-west of National Highway No.24 (Lucknow-Sitapur Road) in Kathvara village, near Lucknow City, UP,India. This  300 years old temple is well known for the deity Chandrika Devi - a form of Goddess Durga. Located in a natural environment encircled by river Gomti at north,west and south side, it is around 28 Kms. away from the main city of Lucknow. It is about 45 Kms. away from Lucknow Airport. This place and nearby areas have relevance and religious significance since the time of the Ramayana. It is also called 

Mahi Sagar Teerth. There is mention of this temple in Skand and Karma Puran -the holy books. 

The Temple:  Maa Chandrika Devi is in the shape of a rock with three pindis (heads).
A  bus was earlier plying  to Chandrika Devi Temple from Kaiserbagh Bus stand. Pl. confirm.
If you visit the temple during the months of March or November (Amavasya or Nav Ratras) you may view a huge Mela (fair) around the temple. Devotees from the nearby places and entire India visit this temple with great faith, Manokamna (prayers) and to get blessings.

माँ चन्द्रिका देवी की जय हो !
It is said that elder son of Shri Lakshmana - the founder of Lucknow, Rajkumar Chandraketu, was once passing with Ashwamegh Horse through Gomti. In the way, it became dark and hence he had to take rest in the then dense forest. He prayed Goddess for safety. Within a moment there was cool moon light and the Goddess appeared before him and assured him. It is said that a grand temple established here during that era was destroyed in 12th century by foreign invaders. It is also said that around 250 years back some nearby villagers, while roaming in the forests, located this beautiful place- which was hidden with dense forests. Next day, a villager could locate the statue of Devi and it was placed at the present place. Later on, a temple was constructed and since then people continued to visit this temple and offer 'Pooja' after knowing the appearance of Ma Chandrika Devi. This place is also known as Mahi Sagar Teerth. 
It is also said that in Dwaper  Yug God Shri Krishna advised Barbreek, son of Ghatotkach, about the Tirth for acquiring power. Barbreek worshiped Ma Chandrika Devi for continuous 3 years at this place.  

It is also said that 250 years ago, nobody knew about this temple. There was dense forest. A landlord of Kathwara village saw a dream and Ma Chandrika Devi appeared in his dream. He then made a temple there and arranged fair on each Amavasya. Since then, this is continuing.

On the eve of Amawasya and Navratras, a lot of religious activities in the temple and around the temple premises are held. People from different parts of the State, come here for Hawan (Yagya), Mundan (total hair-cut). In addition, during these days, Kirtans, satsang (religious meetings) are also held. When you go for Darshan, please do not forget to also see पंचमुखी हनुमान गढ़ी  temple and get blessings of Hanuman Ji.

You can view a number of make-shift shops that crop up during Amawasya (a new moon day) when shopkeepers are busy selling Prasad (sweets offered to Goddess ) and other items of day-to-day use such as churian (bangles) Bindi, Chunri (cloth). Some shops sell foods, fruits, items used in hour house, music cassette, CDs, and medicinal herbs.

Timings of Darshan  
Please note Aarti is done at 6 .00 hrs. in morning, 13.00 hours in afternoon and 19.00 hrs. in evening. Darshan during morning time at the time of Aarti is most important and devotees' manokamna (prayers)  is certainly fulfilled.

Closing  and opening Time
Please note that the temple remains closed for Darshan from 1.00 Noon to 2.00 and from 11.00 (night) to 5.00 in morning. During Navratri it is also closed for an hour i.e. (from 7.00 to 8.00 in evening) prior to Evening Aarti. Before Amavasya  on Chaturdsashi ki Ratri, Darshan is  open for all night. 

Prasad     A number of shops adjacent to the temple sells Prasad  along with flowers in a basket for offering to Maa Chandria DeviSweets for prasad is always available at nominal price of Rs.100/- per kg. Care: Presently only dry prasad like dryfruits, misri,etc. is allowed.

New look of Chandrika Devi Temple
No Polythene
Please avoid taking polythene bags as they are not permitted inside temple.

How to Reach 
Taxi, Three Wheeler auto and Buses are available. From Charbagh Railway Station of Lucknow, prepaid taxi is also available. 
It is well connected with Lucknow Airport. On Sitapur Road after Bakshi Ka Talab, you will see a Gate (Image below) at left. From this point,the temple is at a distance of 11 Km.

When to visit 
Anytime but in Amawasya (a day once in a calendar month) because of a Mela (fair) and in Navratra  it becomes more spiritual to visit. 

In fact, thousand of people throng at this place at very early in the morning to get blessings of Ma Chandrika Devi. Before darshan, a number of devotees takes a dip in the holy pond adjacent to the temple.

Where to stay 
Since Lucknow is just 28 kms. away, you can return on the same day and stay at Lucknow. 
Alternatively, you may proceed for Sitapur where you can also visit Neemsaar which is most important Tirth of Northern India. Neemsaar is not more thant 35 kms. away from this place.

Need Help 
If you need any help in respect of   Maa Chandrika Devi Temple  Mela (Fair) organized around the temple or for Dan, you may like to contact on following Number : 09956943384 -This number is probably of Maha Mantri - Mela Development Committee and exhibited near Temple premises.   


Temple administration
advises to all the devotees that they should please be beware of pickpocket  and take care of belongings.

When to visit: अमावस्या  को दर्शन उत्तम है ! यदि  शनिवार के दिन दर्शन करें तो अति उत्तम एवं फलदायी है ! वर्ष २०१४ में अब २३ अक्टूबर, २२ नवम्बर तथा २२ दिसंबर को अमावस्या का दिन है   (please confirm).

Images and Photos of Maa Chandrika Devi Temple and surroundings : 

Road to Chandrika Devi Temple

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Welcome. This is the gate to Ma Chandrika Devi Temple at Sitapur Road. Just turn left and drive through the narrow but calm road to the temple
Gate to Chandrika Devi Temple at Sitapur Road at the left hand side of Sitapur Road. If you are coming from Lucknow city, just turn to left and drive through the narrow but calm road to the temple.


Inside Temple

God Shiv Statue in the water of Mahi Sagar Sangam

Road to Chandrika Devi Temple

Statue of Lord Shiva in the beautiful Lake 
Shiv Ji
Holy Dip in the Lake
Beautiful Scene of Lake Near Chandrika Devi temple

Chandrika Devi Temple

Prasad Shops
2nd Gate to Temple
Gate - Chandrika Devi temple
Side views of fields on the way to Temple

Chandrika Devi Temple Gate1
Gate to Chandrika Devi Temple

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Chandrika Devi Temple in Lucknow-Car Parking Stand Rs.10/- only
Car/Motor cycle Stand
Chandrika Devi Temple -Return Gate view
Chandrika Devi Temple
Chandrika Devi Temple in Lucknow
Chandrika Devi Temple in Lucknow
Chandrika Devi Temple ,Gate 1
Chandrika Devi Temple Gate2
Chandrika Devi Temple Gate 1
Chandrika Devi Temple in Lucknow
Sarovar (Lake)  with holy water near the Temple
See Map : Driving Direction - Chandria Devi Temple :


Return Journey 

Disclaimer:  The information provided above is based on the talks with 
devotees attending Mela fair and living nearby the temple.  
Visitors  comments on efforts made in this blog, are requested.
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